At the moment, I do not maintain a regular blog, but I write some stuff here and there. Here’s a collection of the writings I have spread around the web.

How Slack’s Threads help your team blossom

Medium, January 2017

From the point of view of a Product Owner who enjoys openness.

Trello in Agile Teams

Medium (published to Product Coalition), October 2016

This is a companion post to the talk I delivered at Pixels.Camp on October 6th, 2016 (video on YouTube), with advice from my experience using Trello in agile software development. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Trello or any other entity or brand mentioned in this post.

A Day in the Life: inviting college students to view a software house from the inside

Premium Minds blog, September 2014

Premium Minds participated in an initiative which included hosting college seniors for a day, working together with our teams. This post tells how the experience went.

O Metropolitano de Lisboa está sem dinheiro para mais museus

Público’s “P3”, February 2012

I have an amateur interest for public transport networks, and a strong opinion on some aspects thereof. In this article in Portuguese, I talk about the lack of growth of Lisbon’s subway network, and the relationship with the grandiosity of its stations.