Current positions

Product Manager at Premium Minds

Lisbon, Portugal | January 2015—…

At Premium Minds, I collaborate with clients to help them improve their business process and results through software solutions. Besides having also acted as an Agile Coach, managed some smaller projects, and lifted requirement for a couple projects that ended up not taking off, here are the main avenues where I’ve been involved.

My main challenge right now is helping deGRISOGONO, a Swiss-based luxury jeweller, with roadmap definition, product definition and delivery management for multiple initiatives involving software at some point — both evolution of existing platforms, and creation of new ones. Functionality-wise I can’t talk about much, but from a technological point of view I can say this includes web applications (whose backend supports complex business processes) and ETL/reporting solutions.

In October 2015, I took upon a project from inception for Empark. I started a project to develop a payment machine for Empark’s ticketless parking lot installments (also developed by Premium Minds). This involved hardware research, product definition, iterating wireframes with client feedback, and coordinating design and development activities between multiple teams and third-parties. In April 2016 I handed the project over to the team responsible for Empark’s parking services ecosystem, already with a first working prototype. The solution was deployed for the first time in a real scenario in July 2016 (in Madrid, Spain) and has since expanded to other locations (media coverage, in Spanish: Ávilared, Tribuna Ávila).

Payment machine live in Ávila, Spain Payment machine live in Ávila, Spain
Payment machine for Empark: live in Ávila, Spain (source: Ávilared)

From September 2015 to March 2016, I coordinated the final lap in developing version 1.0 of the Via Verde Estacionar parking app, for Android and iOS. This phase encompassed, besides bringing to a conclusion the already identified backlog, the identification of a few features and improvements, and running a month-long limited pilot in the city of Amadora, Portugal. At the end the apps were ready for a commercial launch, but the client opted to postpone that to Q4 2016 (media coverage, in Portuguese: Dinheiro Vivo, Público, Marketeer; TV ad).

Via Verde Estacionar 1.0
Via Verde Estacionar 1.0

I’ve also coordinated the development initiatives for the Udifar group, which operates in the pharmaceutical product distribution industry. I took ownership of this client in January 2015 (when the first versions of their portals were about to go into production), becoming responsible for requirements analysis, prioritization and delivery management of developments on these portals and other solutions (e.g. integration APIs) for the 2 years that followed.

Software Engineer at Premium Minds

February 2014–September 2015

I’ve joined Premium Minds first as a software engineer, to join the team developing the new digital platform 20 Aula Digital for LeYa. As a part of a Scrum team, I worked mostly on J2EE-centered backend development — Java, Groovy; JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL; JCR, Apache Jackrabbit; Neo4j; OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect, JAX-RS (Jersey), Google Guice.

Even though I’m now full-time focused on product management duties, I still code on some side projects. In those, I’ve experimented with Javascript on the frontend (AngularJS) and backend (Node.js, Express, MongoDB), and also with Scala.

Professor at Universidade Lusófona

Lisbon, Portugal | September 2013—…

I am responsible for the Advanced Computer Architectures and Computer Networks undergraduate courses.

Advanced Computer Architectures was added to the curriculum in Fall 2013, and I joined Universidade Lusófona with the challenge to create the course from ground up, both lectures and lab sessions.


Prior to my current status, there is a lot to tell. I’ve started working in 2001 while still finishing high school (which led me to flunk my first attempt at a college degree after six months). Since then, I had plenty of opportunity to try (and learn) different things in the tech world. From old to new, I’ve:

  • worked at a computer store;
  • done web development;
  • written tech pieces for a newspaper supplement;
  • researched on embedded and real-time systems (producing two theses, over a dozen papers and a couple of working prototypes); and
  • taught embedded systems, operating systems, computer architecture, and object-oriented programming courses at U.Lisbon.

You can find more details about these on my LinkedIn profile.


Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I, 2016


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Lisbon, 2014

M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Lisbon, 2009

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

University of Lisbon, 2007