João Craveiro

Product Manager at Onfido

Hi! I’m João Craveiro, but you can call me either João or Craveiro.

I’m currently a Product Manager at Onfido, a London-based startup delivering next-generation background checks, helping businesses across the world verify anyone, anywhere.

You can check my bio to learn more about what I have been doing for the past years. All in all, I love solving real problems of real people using computer technology as a means to it — be it by coding, by gathering requirements, by managing a project, by helping other people be more efficient, or by simply spreading knowledge.

I am an enthusiast of employing Agile and Lean philosophies both at the product level (definition, roadmap) and at the team/personal level (workflow inspection and adaptation).

If you’d like to reach out, you can connect with me on Twitter, Github, and/or LinkedIn (check the icons below).