João Craveiro

Product Manager at Premium Minds

Hi! I’m João Craveiro, but you can call me either João or Craveiro.

Although there are titles attached to the things I do at a given moment, I have a hard time attributing one short designation to me as a professional. I love solving real problems of real people using computer technology as a means to it — be it by coding, by gathering requirements, by managing a project, by helping other people be more efficient, or by simply spreading knowledge.

Right now, I’m a Product Manager at Premium Minds, where I collaborate with clients to help them improve their business process and results through software solutions, and bring those solutions to reality with our design and development teams. You can check my bio to learn a bit about the initiatives I’ve been involved in, which span clients in diverse business areas and different types of technical solution (web, mobile, integration).

I am an enthusiast of employing Agile and Lean philosophies both at the product level (definition, roadmap) and at the team/personal level (workflow inspection and adaptation).

If you’d like to reach out, you can connect with me on Twitter, Github, and/or LinkedIn (check the icons below).